Contiki – Fraser Island, Dingos and more

Jan 21, 2011:

Good morning Australia! Okay, it was only 7:30 in the morning, but the sun was already shining. For me that means naturally best mood 🙂

We’re now ready to hit to Fraser Island. Most of us opted for the expedition.

Fraser Island Tour

Two huge buses that can drive through deepest waters, stood in front of us. Fraser Island Discovery is the name of the tour operator.

Fraser Island - Beach
Fraser Island - Beach

We climbed into the buses and our tour to Fraser Island started. At the beginning we rode on normal roads, then at some point on dirt roads. I think it was shortly before 10:00 when we had a stop near the cliffs, still on the mainland, to take a breakfast break. They offered instant coffee , cupcakes and juice. Many of us took photos of the cliffs. Then it went on. We traveled over a sandy path that leads directly to the beach. But before we went to the beach, our driver stopped briefly and explained what we should do, when we meet on dingos and crocodiles. We reached the beach ,in front of us was waiting a ferry. The two huge buses drove up . Then the ferry transfered us to Fraser Island. At Fraser, we were leaving the ferry on the beach.

Fraser Island - Rainforest
Fraser Island - Rainforest

We raced at high speed along the wet beach. Then we made a short stop. A dingo ran past our bus. Zeit für Fotos von Dingos. 🙂 Then we went down the beach. A short time later we saw a whale on the beach he was probably washed ashore. The driver got out and asked a man who already took care of the animal, what had happened.

Further along the beach! About 15 minutes later we were allowed to walk on the beach. After the obligatory beach photos , we were asked to put our cameras on a towel. Group photos! We all posed ourselves for the photo and the two Fraser Island experts took one camera after the other and shot the photos. Why some of the girls suddenly started to laugh loudly turned out later.

Fraser Island also has Rain forest? the question can be answered quickly. We were dropped in the middle of the forest and should follow a trail. Then they would expect us at the other end. The walk through the Rain forest is really fun, because the air smells really fresh and healthy. 30 minutes after we reached the bus. What to do next to Fraser Island? We went to a lake in the

Fraser Island - Lunch
Fraser Island - Lunch

Middle of the island. where we first made ​​ourselves comfortable and jumped into the water. The temperature at this season is really excellent. To complete this real good morning, we went to lunch. As previously ordered, it was fish or grilled meat with fresh vegetables and bread. Really tasty!

After lunch we went to our today’s accommodation. We had all been excited to see what “Eco Lodges” on Fraser Island would mean.


Eco Lodges on Fraser Island

From all the accommodations, this was most unpopular.. Eco Lodge on Fraser Fraser Island means:
A house with sliding doors, a central room with a table, two bathrooms and several smaller rooms in which are each 2 bunk beds.

In the evening we went to a restaurant on the resort and enjoyed a pizza , the pitcher of beer were distributed even across all of us.

Some tour mates enjoyed the night with a lot of alcohol in one of the other bars, some other the intimacy of a walks through the resort.


Most of us went to bed early in order to pack the suitcase in the morning.

Jan 21, 2011