My Top 3 Airports worldwide – Cairns, Munich, Singapore

Here’s the thing, I love airports!

That’s why I’m presenting you my Top 3 Airports (from small to huge).

Cairns International Airport

Cairns International Airport

This is my favorite airport of the category “small airports”.

It’s located 2 km north of Cairns in Queensland, Australia. It’s a small, but also international, Airport at the north east coast of Australia.

This airport is served by Qantas, JetStar, Virgin Australia and other. I love especially the  Domestic Terminal of cairns Airport. You pretty much need just 10 minutes from Check-in to the Gate.
There  lots of small shops and eating places. Even a small pub, known as “Blue Sky Brewery”, can be found in the domestic  terminal.


Munich Airport International

This is my favorite airport of the category “medium-sized airports”. It’s located 30km outside of Munich. The airport is perfectly connected by train, bus and the motorway. I prefer the train connections between

Munich Airport Centre
Munich Airport Centre

Munich Airport and the city of Munich. Trains run on the lines S1 and S8 every 10 minutes. Even until 2am. The airport itself serves people in Terminal 1, Terminal 2 (The Star Alliance Terminal) and the Munich Airport Center.

Terminal 2 is the home of Lufthansa’s second Hub in Germany. Lufthansa flights and partner airlines depart from here until 10 pm at night. There are a few shops in the public area of this terminal. Most of the shops can be found in the passenger area. Many famous brands have their own flagship store at Munich Airport. You can even find an erotic and adult store in the transit area for your personal “pleasure”. You need your coffee in the morning? Starbucks can be found next to the arrival area of Terminal 2.

Terminal 1 is much older, but it’s also stuffed with shops, snack bars and restaurants. BA and other Oneworld partner airlines depart from Terminal 1.

The already mentioned Munich Airport Center is located between both terminals. Basically a shopping mall with big open air area and an Biergarten, where you can enjoy some delicious Bavarian Beer. The Beer is brewed at the airport at the AirBräu brewery. Awesome! It is also home to many fun sport events and other activities. Have you ever been surfing at an airport? Munich Airport was home for an big wave surfing event. Lots of people headed to the airport to go surfing. Sounds strange? That’s Munich. 😉

Munich is famous for its 30 minutes connection time. That means you can arrive from an international flight, go through passport control and board your domestic flight in under 30 minutes. Have you ever tried that at Heathrow Airport?

Singapore Changi Airport

First, this is my favorite airport in the world. It’s huge and it’s the world’s most awarded airport. The whole airport looks like a 5-star hotel. The whole airport is stuffed with carpet (almost everywhere) and plants. Free WiFi in the whole

Singapore Changi Airport - Terminal 3 - Shopping area
Singapore Changi Airport - Terminal 3 - Shopping area

airport, several gardens (Butterfly garden in T3 and cactus garden in T1), free cinema, awesome shopping malls…. You get it 😉

Changi Airport consists of 3 terminals, connected by automatic shuttle trains between them. It takes about 10 minutes if you want to walk from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1. The airport itself is perfectly connected by SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit) train service.

Terminal 3 is awesome. all famous brands have their own stores in the shopping area. Lots of dining and beverage options. E.g. Starbucks, Subway, Hard Rock Cafe, Boost juice bars.
You can find drinking water dispenser and foot massage chairs all over the terminal. Don’t know what to do? What about a free foot massage in one of those chairs that you can find almost anywhere in the terminal. Or you can jump over to the free movie cinema, where blockbuster movies are shown. Click here for the current screening times. What about a swim

Singapore Changi Airport - Terminal 3 - Cinema
Singapore Changi Airport - Terminal 3 - Cinema
while watching arriving and departing planes? Time to explore Singapore Changi Terminal 1.

Terminal 1 has the biggest shopping mall I’ve seen so far. Hundreds of shops, restaurants and fast food. All major brands have their own stores.
This Terminal is also home to another open garden of Changi Airport. The famous Cactus garden features many surreal plants. Terminal 1 also has a place that is very unusual to find at an airport. On the roof top of Terminal 1 you can find a leisurely swimming pool.

Terminal 2 offers a  sunflower garden. I heard it’s very beautiful. I haven’t been to Terminal 2 yet, hence I will write more about this terminal next time when I am at Changi Airport.

I will feature these airports in upcoming posts with much more detail. Stay tuned.

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