About me

Who’s Mike?

Hi, I am Mike, Maik, Meik, … or how ever you want to call me.
My friends from Australia call me Maik, my friends in Brazil always call me Mike…. You get it 😉

I’m a 30 something software-developer, blogger, musician, world traveler and curious person in general.

Fluent im German, English and I just restarted learning Spanish.

I am Star Alliance Gold status member.  Which makes traveling around the world even more fun. If you have any question about frequent traveler programs, just send me an email.


First and foremost I am a technology geek, a travel fanatic and I have a nerdy obsession for different accents. Aside from developing software and blogging, I love to read, watch movies and TV shows.


When did you start travelling?
Long time ago. I started having my first real travel experience  when I decided to fly to Australia for 3 weeks – alone. I may started my trip alone, but I’ve made so many new friends along the way.

What do you like about “travelling”?
Discovering awesome places, learning more about different cultures, meeting interesting people from around the world.

What’s in your fridge?
Everything for a healthy smoothie and a big portion of muesli. E.g. fruits, juices and milk.

Beach or city holiday?
Both, I love the energetic and vibrant life in big cities and living in awesome hotels surrounded by skyscrapers, but sometimes I just need to relax at an exotic island’s beach.

What makes you mad?
When I don’t have an Espresso in the morning. 😉

What makes you happy?
Working towards my goals. In 2018 for instance one of them is to learn Spanish.