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Contiki – Beaches and Reefs Goodbye

Jan 29, 2011

After yesterday’s party we went today in the rain forest just to see a show of Aboriginal and to learn throwing a Boomerang. Quite funny, but my mood was not quite so good, so I did not enjoy it fully.

During the ride to the hotel Justine (Tour guide) and Youngy (Coach driver) held a little speech. At Cairns Colonial Club it was time for group photos, give “good bye” kisses and tipping;-)

Some of us sat in the bistro to exchange addresses between us, to sign the group photos and enjoy cold beer

At some point,  another German and I decided to share a taxi, because we both stayed an extra night in Cairns, though each in different hotels, but these were only a few hundred meters apart.

I had a standard room at the Tropical Queenslander, Cairns. It was clean, and the reception is very friendly.


The german girl and I met again in the evening to drive together to Dundee’s Restaurant. This time I took a dish with a crocodile and kangaroo skewers. Very tasty! The german girl also enjoyed. Crocodile actually tastes like chicken. Do you think I can find it in Europe or the USA ?.
For some reason it seems to be unusual in Australia, to go to a restaurant just as friends. Many people t looked at us like we were a couple, or had a date. Very amusing 🙂

We both went early to our hotel rooms, because our flights were both in the morning.




Contiki – Cairns – day 2

AJ Hackett - Cairns
AJ Hackett – Cairns

After a long night in pubs it’s time to Swing!. At AJ Hackett in Cairns you can do bungy jumping and and a Minjin Swing. Since I’m already jumped off a plane at 12000ft, I decided to just make the swing. Unfortunately, it was less spectacular than expected. Skydiving is just not easy to beat.


AJ Hackett - Cairns
AJ Hackett – Cairns

I spent the rest of the day with some tour mates in a mall including lunch. It is possible to order a taxi at the front desk of the Cairns Colonial Club. Usually after 4 minutes one is there. In the Downtown Mall in Cairns, there is actually a pretty good Italian restaurant. A pizza costs min. $ 19 AUD here, but it’s worth it.

Dundee Restaurant

In the evening I went to Dundee restaurant with an Australian girl on the pier in Cairns. There we met further tour mates. Dundee Restaurant in Cairns is a recommendation from our tour guide Justine. You get “typical Aussie food“. Of course I ordered Kangaroo. It tastes very interesting, it has little fat and is just delicious. It was served with peanut sauce and some vegetables. A real recommendation!