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NZ 2012 Day 6 – Contiki – Trip to Cape Reinga

Beep beep beep! Your host is in Paihia in New Zeland.

Today it’s time to do a full day optional. A few of us waited for the bus to arrived. We’re going to drive to the most northern point of New Zeland’s mainland. Cape Reinga, the 90 miles beach and some other places.

I won’t write much about this trip, because it was pretty boring.

First we drove to a place where we could buy some lunch and snacks for the tour. Then we headed to the famous 90 miles beach, where we drove with our bus on the beach.

First opportunity to take a group photo πŸ™‚ After this 20 minutes stop, we made our way to a place to have some fun. Sand boarding!
Time to continue our journey to Cape Reinga. Yes! More driving. We arrived at about 2:30pm and walked he rest to the light house, where we could enjoy the strong sun of New Zealand. Later we enjoyed lunch and spent more time with our Awesome NZ driver . He took us to a rainforest, where we hugged a tree and made a short walk through a rainforest.

We made our way back to Paihia in the late afternoon with a short stop at a ice cream shop. The ice cream’s very good. Maybe I remember the name of the shop later.


At night we walked around Paihia and tried to find some of our tour mates, but they took the last ferry to Russell. A nice place to have a beer. Therefore we headed back to our hotel and enjoyed some cold drinks in one of our hotel rooms. A nice relaxed night with amazing contiki tour mates. πŸ™‚

NZ 2012 Day 5 – Contiki Grand Explorer begins! – Paihia, Parasailing

Beep, beep, beep! My alarm clock wakes me up! It’s 9 am. Day of Grand Explorer tour Shower, checking my baggage and day bag. Time to meet our tour manager in the hotel lobby.

It’s about 11 am. Time to sign some contiki documents and fill the contact sheet with my details and get to know with my tour mates.Β  Other than on my first Australian contiki tour we had no late arrivals this time and departed on time.

Our today’s night stop will be Paihia in The Bay of Islands. We will stay there for 2 nights. But first, we have to hug a big tree πŸ˜‰

On our way to Paihia we made a stop at Parry Kauri Park. This famous reserve is the home to many of New Zealand’s ancient Kauri (a native tree). Some of the Kauri are 50ms high and over 1000 years old.

Guess what? Most of us hugged a tree πŸ™‚

Then we continued our journey up to Paihia. While on the way we already had to choose which optionals we want to do on the northern Island.

For Paihia I decided to do a Full day tour to the most northern point of New Zelands mainland and to go Para sailing!

We arrived in the late afternoon in Paihia, after finding our room and storing our luggage, it was already time for our first activity. Parasailing!

A group of us headed to the harbour where we boarded a fast motor boat. A few minutes of cruising and the first team is in the air. Most of us did the 2 person parasailing, it’s fun to talk with somebody while enjoying the panoramic views of the area. I believe Peter and me enjoyed the views as the third group. 10 minutes later and it was time for the next group.

Later at night we had dinner at the hotel. The owner and his wife made some steaks and appetizer. Really delicious!

First opportunity to get to know each other. Many awesome people are on this tour.

Later we had a bit fun at a little bar.

Good night!

NZ 2012 Day 4 – Explore Auckland and its night life!

My second day in Auckland. I am ready to explore the City of Sails.

After a good nights sleep I decided to look for the next Starbucks Coffee House. It’s about 1km away from the Mercure Auckland.

At about 10:30 I enjoyed my first Frappucino in New Zealand. After checking my emails and looking for Auckland attractions on my Netbook, I headed to my hotel room to store my netbook.

Netbook stored, sun glasses and smartphone packed. Ready to explore!

I believe I walked 6 hours around Auckland and later in the afternooin I received a facebook message from an AussieΒ  girl that I met one year ago. The wrote that she believed that she just saw me.

I am on the other side of the world and somebody I met over an year ago recognises me again. Awesome!

Nightlife in Auckland

It’s 7 pm. Time to meet some of my Contiki tour mates for a beer and cocktail. After a few Coronas we headed to a bar called “My Bar” in Auckland. fter a few drinks and awesome homemade pizza we continued our night in a small club/bar in Queens St. Good music, good dancing, lots of fun. Then we headed north to the harbour area. On our way I nice girl picked us up and promised cheap drinks in her club The Car Park. We followed her for a few hundret metres and got passed through the security line of the club. Loud music, cheap drinks ( I only had water, because I know my limits). Later in the night we headed to our hotel.No details about what happend to some tour mates πŸ˜‰

Good night guys! Tomorrow starts my Contiki New Zealand tour.


NZ 2012 Day 3 – Arrival in Auckland

Good morning folks.


After a relaxing long night we’re finally in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand. It’s time for breakfast.

I decided to eat an Omlet. It was okayish.

We arrived on time at 9:30 in the morning at Auckland International Airport. After walking through the airport and through immigration and baggage claim I finally made it to the public area in 1 hour.

A nice lady with a dog inspected most of the passagengers bags at the baggage claim area. I heard a lot “Oh, is it a she or he? Oh she’s so cute!”.Β  πŸ™‚

Need a sim card for your phone? In the departure hall is a Vodafone store located. They sell sim cards (prepay sim) and phones. I opted for a prepay sim with data package as addon.

Are all people so nice at the airport. Even the girl at this Vodafone New Zealand store is so kind. She asked me what type of phone I have and what I want to do with it while I am in New Zealand..

Keep in mind: Not every phone works with any network in the world, even when it’s unlocked. I told her that I have an European HTC Sensation, which works with the Vodafone 3G Network both on 2100 Mhz and 900 Mhz. “I guess you don’t need help to put your new sim card into your sim card, do you?” πŸ˜‰

A recommed the supa prepay sim starter kit for under 30 NZD. Itcomes already with a data package and 2500 free text messages to any NZ mobile phone.

It also givves you the choice to add more addons like data packages and international calling minutes.


Then I headed to the currency exchange counter. Another friendly person greeted me. Are all people so nice in this country? I exchanged Euros and Australian dollars into New Zealand dollars.


Smartphone – checked. New Zealand cash – checked. What’s next?

Let’s get to the City of Sails also known as Auckland . I already knew that there’s a direct bus line right outside the International Terminal.

I walked to the bus line counter while I started talking she saw my Contiki document wallet and said hat I can pay directly at the bus. I would get a 15% discount when I show the document wallet to the bus driver.

I enjoyed the ride to Auckland downtown. About 45 minutes later I arrived at the bus stop right across my hotel. The Mercure Auckland.

The entrance to the lobby is a bit hidden, but found it.

I checked in and took the elevator to the 8th floor. Yeah Harbour view! πŸ™‚ (I booked it for 45 €/ night). The hotel is pretty nice, clean and right in downtown Auckland.

The day is still early, time to explore the City of Sails.I walked to the Harbour and enjoyed the wind and the fresh air.

Later I contacted a girl from Wales who’s also on my Contiki tour in New Zealand. We met in the lobby and walked to the harbour a freshly made Subway sandwich. On the other side of the world with a nice girl from Wales enjoying together the great night weather with a healthy sandwich.

I went to bed early, as a got a bit tired.

My plan for the next day: Explore Auckland!

NZ 2012 Day 2 – Singapore Changi Airport – Auckland

It’s January 11th. We’re still onboard my flight SQ325 to Singapore.

As mentioned on my post before, I enjoyed a really delicious dinner onboard SQ325 to Singapore Changi Airport that I spent some time with KrisWorld the inflight-entertainment system of Singapore Airline. I took a nap (3 hours or so).

While the morning of the new day had arrived in Europe, we were still flying into Singapore and enjoyed a hot breakfast in the afternoon. We arrived at about 4 pm at Singapore Changi Airport. This airport is awesome! Whenever I am flying to Australia and New Zealand I have to make a stopover here. This airport has everything. From free movie cinema to free foot massage, and plenty of dining restaurants.

I planned my flight to New Zealand with a 4hrs stopover in mind. My connection flight SQ285 is scheduled for 9:10pm. There I enjoy the nice transit area of Changi Airport. But first, time to get a free WiFi password. After heading over to the next information desk I made my way to the next Boost! Juice bar for a healthy and delicious smoothie.

Then I headed to a nice sitting area to update my travel blog and checking my emails. Changi Airport not only offers free WiFi, also desks with sockets for mobile computers.

Our flight to Auckland departed almost on time. After departure welcome drinks were served y the lovely Singapore Girls. Dinner time! I decided to choose the Thai chicken with fresh vegetables.

My seat neighbors were a british couple. I enjoyed a really delicious dinner, watched some tv shows and enjoyed another Singapore Sling.

Time for a nap.