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NZ 2012 Day 5 – Contiki Grand Explorer begins! – Paihia, Parasailing

Beep, beep, beep! My alarm clock wakes me up! It’s 9 am. Day of Grand Explorer tour Shower, checking my baggage and day bag. Time to meet our tour manager in the hotel lobby.

It’s about 11 am. Time to sign some contiki documents and fill the contact sheet with my details and get to know with my tour mates.  Other than on my first Australian contiki tour we had no late arrivals this time and departed on time.

Our today’s night stop will be Paihia in The Bay of Islands. We will stay there for 2 nights. But first, we have to hug a big tree 😉

On our way to Paihia we made a stop at Parry Kauri Park. This famous reserve is the home to many of New Zealand’s ancient Kauri (a native tree). Some of the Kauri are 50ms high and over 1000 years old.

Guess what? Most of us hugged a tree 🙂

Then we continued our journey up to Paihia. While on the way we already had to choose which optionals we want to do on the northern Island.

For Paihia I decided to do a Full day tour to the most northern point of New Zelands mainland and to go Para sailing!

We arrived in the late afternoon in Paihia, after finding our room and storing our luggage, it was already time for our first activity. Parasailing!

A group of us headed to the harbour where we boarded a fast motor boat. A few minutes of cruising and the first team is in the air. Most of us did the 2 person parasailing, it’s fun to talk with somebody while enjoying the panoramic views of the area. I believe Peter and me enjoyed the views as the third group. 10 minutes later and it was time for the next group.

Later at night we had dinner at the hotel. The owner and his wife made some steaks and appetizer. Really delicious!

First opportunity to get to know each other. Many awesome people are on this tour.

Later we had a bit fun at a little bar.

Good night!