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PSA: Beware: Tiger Beer Bar Complex Patong

This is a warning I’m writing at 1:45am (local time) in the morning. I am so serious about it that I decided to write this post before getting a good nights sleep. This is not an angry post, just a public service announcement.

Do not spend money there.

I am very experienced with Thailand and usually can smell fraud from a mile away. This time they really got me.

For those who don’t know how beer bars work: You basically drink beer or other cocktails like in a normal bar, but you also can play connect 4 and other fun games with the lady staff and compensate them for their time by buying  so called lady drinks. Lady drinks more expensive, watered down, whiskeys or other cocktails, sometimes even only juice. The staff usually gets a commission on each lady drink. The games are there  to keep you in the bar and drink more stuff – which is fine with me, if it’s a fun night with lots of giggling and having a good time with bar games on the premises. They earn so little, it’s usually okay to spend some money there to help them. Lots of the staff comes from the poor Isaan province. Most of them work there to provide for their family.


Side note:

Some people also pay a so called barfine to the bar to let the lady leave the bar before closing time. Then it’s up to her and the guest how they want to spend the night. E.g. going for dinner or into a club for dancing or something for intimate. “It’s up to you both” how far you want to go.

I was there with a friend and  we were having a good time. After some time realised that instead of paying one lady drink for each girl entertaining us, we were paying for whole group around us. The bar tap/bill was suddenly reading 4 names instead of two.

Patong and the tiger complex used to be a fun place to spend the evening. But no more.

I officially put the whole complex on my blacklist.

I really ask myself why they do it, especially if they believe in Karma. Isn’t it a bad thing to fraud the customer?

We were definitely too stupid not to realise it earlier. Not all bars in the bar complex might be like this, but I can not recommend to spend money there if this is how they do business these days.

Please don’t support fraud like this. There are better ways and places to spend your time.


Yours sincerely