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Contiki – Whitsundays, sailing day 1


After a very extensive breakfast we started our today’s ride. First we went to Rockhampton, where you could see a few remains of the flood. In Caneland Shopping Centre, Mackay QLD, we took our first break. Time for Subway, Smoothie and to buy drinks. On a sailboat, you can’t buy that stuff;-)

45 minutes later . On to Airlie Beach. Here we were waiting for our sailing boats. Normally, only a sail boat is chartered, but this time there had been a lot of interest, therefore a small and a large were chartered. Condor and Hammer also organize periodically race between the Whitsundays and at the sea. I, and many of my favorite tour mates were on the “Hammer”.

Sailing between the Whitsunday Islands – day 1

Whitsunday Islands - Sailing
Whitsunday Islands - Sailing

After we had stored our bags and we got explained the basics of sailing, it was going on already. First we used the engine to reach a point where sufficient wind was available.
But then we started already , including tackling, extending the sails, turning the sails

Whitsunday Islands - Sailing
Whitsunday Islands - Sailing

to the other side (“Attack”). We did that for about 2 hours every 10 minutes, until we came to a quiet little cove and laid anchor. Time for a snack. Before we went to the dinner, we ate this really delicious vegetables and crackers with a spicy sauce.

Whitsunday Islands - Dinner
Whitsunday Islands - Dinner

The twilight set in, and we ate freshly grilled meat. The captain grilled it on the bow of the boat.
We enjoyed the clear skies of the night, with many stars and some cool drinks. Then we went to bed, or rather bunk, because more sailing at sunrise!



Contiki – One night at a Farm, Rockhampton

Jan 22, 2011:

For today, we were promised the stay at an original Australian farm, Country Homestead. Prior to it, we had to get back to the mainland.

All were excitingly waiting for the ferry and although there was a latecomer to the pier, but all reached the ferry on time.

After a short ride we were back in our comfortable bus.

After a break we arrived 6 hours later, at 5 clock in the afternoon the farm, just a three-quarter hour from Rockhampton.

Country Homestead

Country Homestead
Country Homestead

Usually, for Contiki there’s always been taken ​​a trip by truck through the area, this was due to the flood a few weeks ago in Queensland not possible. The water of the creek was still too high.

While we waited for dinner, we enjoyed ourselves with the little children of the owners. Some other tour mates played soccer with the son.

The second activity , however, took place. After

Country Homestead - Sunset
Country Homestead - Sunset

a really delicious dinner we went to the whip swinging. We were shown how to properly swing a whip, so that bangs in the air. Most tour mates including me got through the course. Why is swinging the whip so important? In this area there are many poisonous frogs, bites from these toads are fatal. What is done with the whips ? Right!

During the the evening the fun really began. Karaoke! Many people (including me) dared and warbled whole songs into the microphone.

During the karaoke evening some tour mates (Kat, Louisa, Sam, Shaun, I) created a Facebook group. “Dirty bit” is the name of the group. We named the group name after our morning song.


Morgensong – Black Eyed Peas – The Time

Every morning, Justine played the song “The Time” (Dirty Bit)” by Black Eyed at beginning to wake up everyone and to have an even better mood. Every Contiki tour, whether Australia, New Zealand or the USA, has its own song.


Sailing in Australia? Sure thing! In the next post more about it!

Jan 22, 2011