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PSA: Beware: Tiger Beer Bar Complex Patong

This is a warning I’m writing at 1:45am (local time) in the morning. I am so serious about it that I decided to write this post before getting a good nights sleep. This is not an angry post, just a public service announcement.

Do not spend money there.

I am very experienced with Thailand and usually can smell fraud from a mile away. This time they really got me.

For those who don’t know how beer bars work: You basically drink beer or other cocktails like in a normal bar, but you also can play connect 4 and other fun games with the lady staff and compensate them for their time by buying  so called lady drinks. Lady drinks more expensive, watered down, whiskeys or other cocktails, sometimes even only juice. The staff usually gets a commission on each lady drink. The games are there  to keep you in the bar and drink more stuff – which is fine with me, if it’s a fun night with lots of giggling and having a good time with bar games on the premises. They earn so little, it’s usually okay to spend some money there to help them. Lots of the staff comes from the poor Isaan province. Most of them work there to provide for their family.


Side note:

Some people also pay a so called barfine to the bar to let the lady leave the bar before closing time. Then it’s up to her and the guest how they want to spend the night. E.g. going for dinner or into a club for dancing or something for intimate. “It’s up to you both” how far you want to go.

I was there with a friend and  we were having a good time. After some time realised that instead of paying one lady drink for each girl entertaining us, we were paying for whole group around us. The bar tap/bill was suddenly reading 4 names instead of two.

Patong and the tiger complex used to be a fun place to spend the evening. But no more.

I officially put the whole complex on my blacklist.

I really ask myself why they do it, especially if they believe in Karma. Isn’t it a bad thing to fraud the customer?

We were definitely too stupid not to realise it earlier. Not all bars in the bar complex might be like this, but I can not recommend to spend money there if this is how they do business these days.

Please don’t support fraud like this. There are better ways and places to spend your time.


Yours sincerely

Why I love travelling South East Asia…

Many people have asked me why I travel to Asia more often than any other continent or region in the world. There’s not really a single answer to it.

I like the weather, the food, the people and the adventures and experiences you can have there.

In 2015 I did a Contiki tour called the “Asian Aventure“. I met many awesome people from around the globe on the tour and made a great new friend.  There where parties, of course, but the main reason why I loved this tour so much –  besides making new friends – were the places we visited and the experiences we had. We went to the North of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Lets take  the following photo for instance:

Laos Pakbeng – In the morning

Have you every imagined waking up very early in the morning in a small village in Laos (“Pakbeng”). Going down to a small pier to catch a “slow boat” on the Mekong river even before the sun has fully risen ? 10 years ago I woudn’t even dreamed about it.




Cambodia Siem Reap – Temples

We also explored the amazing Angkor Wat and the other temples in Cambodia where one of the Tomb Raider movies was filmed.
There’s even a cocktail named after Lara Croft in one the bars in Siem Reap. 😉

I’ll definitely come back, because 2 days are not enough to see all the temples in this huge national park.

Or in 2012:

Bangkok – Dr. BJs’s Salon

I took a strawl though Bangkok and suddenly found this place. One of the many stores and venues with such a funny “In your face” name. You’ll find bars, restaurants, massage parlours and many other places with this very direct marketing. It makes me giggle. Every time.

In 2016 I went back to Thailand to visit some of the Islands  in the west. (Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao).
We also took a day trip to this paradise like island:

Thailand Koh Nang Yuan






More Asian Adventures to come…

New content ahead!

For the last couple years, it has been quite, well…  quiet here.

I’m back!  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve been to several countries and cities since my latest post. Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Spain, Mexico…..

So there’s a lot of new content to write.

I’m looking forward to spending some time during the long Easter weekend to prepare some cool new stuff.

Stay tuned!

How to catch a Taxi in Bangkok

Here I am. Back in Bangkok,  Thailand. This time staying with a mate in the old town part of the city. Meaning no BTS sky train or MRT station nearby. The only way to get from our hotel to Downtown Bangkok with all the shopping malls (like MBK, Siam Paragon and others), are taxis. Unfortunately many Taxi drivers don’t speak English. So I used the “Bangkok method” to get around.

Getting from hotel to downtown/other places

First look for a small business card of the hotel at the reception desk. This will later be important when you want to go back to the hotel. Most hotels can give you a business id card which contains the address of the hotel in Thai letters and/or a small map of where the hotel is located. DONT FORGET TO TAKE ONE BEFORE LEAVING.

The easiest and simplest way is to ask the reception desk, or if available, the bell manager for a METERED Taxi and tell him/her where you want to go. He/Her will then use his radio to hail a cab for you and tell the driver in Thai where you want to go. This helps to avoid lost in translation situations. 😉

After entering the car make sure the driver turns on the meter. If he doesn’t, insist on it or you may end up with a “special price”, which can be twice or triple the official amount. Side note: One of the drivers offered us 200 THB special price, we insisted on the meter and ended up with 68 THB (rounded up to 70)

When you arrive at your destination round up the price to the next 5 or 10 baht. The drivers often dont have change and apprechiate a small tip.


Getting back to the hotel

Hailing a taxi on the street is an almost impossible mission.
Here’s the easy way: Just go to the next shopping mall.

Most shopping malls have a so called “taxi queue” or taxi stand at the ground level. When arrive at the front of the line give the taxi coordinator the card from your hotel. He will then ask all taxi (or tuk tuk) drivers nearby if anyone wants to take you to your destination. Jump into the one the he/she points at. Other drivers may try to pursway you by smiling or winking at you to take their taxi/tuktuk instead. Be careful this could lead to either a very expensive ride or a trip to an unknown destination.

After entering the taxi handover the card from the hotel to confirm your driver got the right address and double-check that he/she turned on the meter.

When you arrive at your destination round up the price to the next 5 or 10 baht. The drivers often dont have change and apprechiate a small tip.


  • Make sure you have a business card of your hotel
  • Double-check that you have all belongigs before leaving the car. Getting it back is an impossible mission.
  • Write down/take photo of the vehicle number (often a sticker on the inside of the window) if you want to report any bad incidents to the taxi queue service
  • Taxis have different designn (pink, yellow-green, orange), but the metered rates should be the same