NZ 2012 Day 6 – Contiki – Trip to Cape Reinga

Beep beep beep! Your host is in Paihia in New Zeland.

Today it’s time to do a full day optional. A few of us waited for the bus to arrived. We’re going to drive to the most northern point of New Zeland’s mainland. Cape Reinga, the 90 miles beach and some other places.

I won’t write much about this trip, because it was pretty boring.

First we drove to a place where we could buy some lunch and snacks for the tour. Then we headed to the famous 90 miles beach, where we drove with our bus on the beach.

First opportunity to take a group photo 🙂 After this 20 minutes stop, we made our way to a place to have some fun. Sand boarding!
Time to continue our journey to Cape Reinga. Yes! More driving. We arrived at about 2:30pm and walked he rest to the light house, where we could enjoy the strong sun of New Zealand. Later we enjoyed lunch and spent more time with our Awesome NZ driver . He took us to a rainforest, where we hugged a tree and made a short walk through a rainforest.

We made our way back to Paihia in the late afternoon with a short stop at a ice cream shop. The ice cream’s very good. Maybe I remember the name of the shop later.


At night we walked around Paihia and tried to find some of our tour mates, but they took the last ferry to Russell. A nice place to have a beer. Therefore we headed back to our hotel and enjoyed some cold drinks in one of our hotel rooms. A nice relaxed night with amazing contiki tour mates. 🙂